Special Announcement:  Abis tonearms will be sold under a new name, Sorane.  The production and design are exactly the same, being produced in the same facility.  The ownership of the design has reverted to the OEM.  Coming by the first quarter of 2018 will be a new 12″ design loosely based on the SA1.2.  The SA1L will not have a detachable headshell, instead going with a purist approach.  We are sure that this new design will take the performance of the SA1.2, already winning awards, to an even higher level.  Please return here for updates.
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 The Abis SA and TA Series Tonearms

Courtesy Ka Yeung of Tinkerbox Studio

News:  You can find Art Dudley’s review of the updated SA1.2 here.

Dealers:  You can hear and purchase arms from these fine dealers/builders.

I am offering special pricing on Yamamoto Sound Craft headshells to existing and future Abis owners.  The Yamamoto HS3, weighing a little over 8 grams, is a perfect headshell for the SA1.2, especially for medium compliance cartridges, like the Grados.

Shared Features

  • Gimbal-bearing designs for excellent bass, dynamics and imaging, as well as unconditional azimuth stability (the biggest problem for unipivots).
  • Antiskating
  • Detachable headshells to allow quick changes of cartridges, the adoption of various mass headshells (to help change the effective mass of the arms and cartridges), and the ability to mount cartridges in a well lit area, in a safe and convenient manner.
  • Machine-tooled and hand-assembled by skilled Japanese craftsmen.  This highly skilled and delicate hand-assembly differentiates Abis tonearms from similar mass-produced Japanese tonearms.  Standard quality high-volume tonearms are produced by die-casting and semi-automatic assembly line processes to keep production costs low.
  • Skilled hand assembly does not simply mean “combining the constituent parts by hand”.  Skilled hand assembly involves measurement, adjustment and hand-fitting to produce optimal interface between machined surfaces.  Once completed, the fitment between every part is ideal, satisfying the necessary conditions for vibration-free and noise-free reproduction of analog sound.
  • Most importantly, the key to tonearm quality is highly sensitive and delicate motion, for which the bearings are the determining factor.
  • Concerning the reproduced sound from these models:  The designer is confident you will get precise and clean sound, which can only be had from hand-made tonearms, but at a very reasonable price with these arms.
  • In particular, the SA-1.2 will produce rich and tight bass, coming from the extremely rigid rectangular shaped arm-wand.


High Precision Radial Bearings

In this SA-1.2 assembly photo, two sets of fine radial bearings are installed for both horizontal (set in the bearing stem column in this photo) and vertical (further small bearing at left side of tonearm wand).  This assures audiophiles of smooth tonearm function, greater longevity, better consistency, and enhanced ability to track warped vinyl. 

Pivot Bearing for the Abis TA-1 tonearm

The same type radial bearing used in the SA-1.2 for horizontal motion is also used for the TA-1 and TA-1L, while a delicate pivot bearing is employed for vertical movement (this is still a bearing but the bearing axis end is cone shaped, and requires careful assembly and adjustment). The right side cone in this photo is inserted into the miniature bearing inner race. 

Model SA-1 Tonearm

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Abis SA1 tonearm billet construction


Model SA-1.2B Tonearm

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Abis SA1B Tonear


Model SA1.2BCS Tonearm 

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sa1.2bcs convertible stubs


Model TA-1L Tonearm 

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Abis TA1L


Model TA-1 Tonearm 

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Abis TA-1 Tonearm from an angle


As a value added feature, and to accurately adjust your new tonearm, all Abis arms will come with an Accutrak arc protractor.  Click below to see the details.

All Abis Tonearms Now Include an Accutrak Protractor

All Abis Tonearms Now Include an Accutrak Protractor






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