Abis Listening Rooms

Oracle Paris with Abis SA1.2B

In making a decision on your next audio purchase, hearing the equipment is especially helpful.  While reviews from trusted writers will give you a good impression, hearing and seeing is more illuminating (when hearing new equipment in an unknown room or system, you will still have questions, but hopefully fewer than just going by an equipment review).  


Michell GyroDec Abis Tonearm

Abis tonearms are compatible with most turntables and plinths.  Where there are installation issues, adapters and modified parts are available to make the arms compatible.

Abis SA1.2 on a Technics SL1200


These fine dealers/builders/distributors offer a wide range of equipment and services, and cover most niches in analog.  To make sure an Abis product is set up and ready to audition, you should call or email ahead of time.  In no particular order, you can see, hear and purchase Abis tonearms at these fine establishments.

Vienna VA


   Viva HiFi
 Scott Dalzell

Gem Dandy PolyTable-Abis Tonearm


Victorville CA

Paradox Pulse
Terence Robinson

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200




Sandpoint ID


Woodsong Audio
Chris Harban
(208) 304-0973

Garrard 401 and Abis tonearm by Woodsong Audio





BC Canadaelement acoustics

Element Acoustics
Edward Ku

Oracle Paris with Abis SA1.2B


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