Accutrak Protractor


I’m pleased to announce a new service from Mockingbird Distribution for customers of Abis tonearms.  Henceforth, all Abis tonearms will come with a mounting jig to find the pivot-spindle distance (for mounting your arm), along with an Accutrak Protractor.  The Accutrak Protractor will have all three Abis tonearms on one protractor (making it easy for me and for Ken Willis).  The arc protractor guarantees accurate setup and is a breeze to use, once you are used to it.  I also recommend Ken’s protractor for your other tonearms, and for a generic protractor for arms of unknown geometry.

Download (PDF, 27KB)

Download (PDF, Unknown)


This service is included for all North American customers for current and future orders.  Because the TA1L and SA1 have been improved since first production, please enquire about a protractor for the older versions of the arms.  



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