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  • For a tonearm to be successful, it must have the sensitivity and stability to retrieve low-level signals, for which the quality of the bearings are key.  While tonearm mass and cartridge compliance set the low frequency resonance point, and the point at which the cartridge is no longer under control of the arm, high quality bearings must be used that allow the arm to follow the advance of the groove, and to navigate vinyl imperfections without grabbing/resistance/noise generation.  Resistance to movement creates unwanted low frequency noise and cantilever deflection, skewing the image and moving the signal generating coils/magnet out their ideal geometric relationship.  The TA-1 employs a miniature radial bearing for horizontal movement and a miniature pivot bearing for vertical movement.  Very high performance is achieved at a reasonable price.
  • The saddle and bearing housing are machine-tooled from billet aluminum, and the arm is formed of high quality tubing.
  • The hand-assembled, tested and adjusted arm-tube and bearing structures guarantee vibration-free and noise-free reproduction.
  • Reproduced sound is precise, focused and clean, without bearing noise and inconsistent movements.
  • The TA1 comes with detachable headshell, phono cable (RCA output plug, or optionally as XLR), screws, washers, wrench and marking pin.
  • Though a conventional arm in appearance, the careful attention to detail produces an arm of outstanding quality.

 Abis TA-1 Tonearm from an angleAbis TA-1 Tonearm profile view



 $1,550 MSRP

Whole Length288mm
Effective Length (Tonearm pivot – stylus)232mm
Practical Length (Tonearm pivot – Spindle)216mm
Offset angle22°
Horizontal moving sensitivity 30mg
Vertical moving sensitivity20mg
Vertical Tracking Force (VTF) range 0 – 3 g ( 6g* Option)
Cartridge + Headshell weight range 15 – 29g ( 35g* Option)
Height Adjustment(Plinth to arm wand centerline)15 – 55mm
Vertical BearingPivot miniature bearing (Not Pivot Contact)
Horizontal BearingMiniature Radial Bearing
Output plug RCA (XLR : Option)
Output cableSingle core shield copper
Tonearm Audio Lead wireOFC 4N Copper
Headshell lead wireCopper with gold plated terminal
HeadshellMchine tooled Aluminum
Tonearm Net Weight580 g
Attached standard Headshell Net Weight17g


Download (PDF, Unknown)

The Abis TA1 and its offspring, the TA1L

The Abis TA1 and its offspring, the TA1L

Download (PDF, Unknown)

 Included Accessories
Detachable phono cable
Screws, Washers and Wrenches
Marking pin


Pivot Bearing for the Abis TA-1 tonearm

TA1 radial bearing

As a value added feature, and to accurately adjust your new tonearm, all Abis arms will come with an Accutrak arc protractor.  Click below to see the details.

All Abis Tonearms Now Include an Accutrak Protractor

All Abis Tonearms Now Include an Accutrak Protractor


Sibatech of Tokyo Japan

Custom made in Japan for SIBATECH, Inc., Tokyo, Japan


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