About Us (and the Mockingbird)

What’s in the name?  Mimus polyglottos, or the “many-tongued mimic”, is the Latin name for the Northern Mockingbird.  A singer of many songs, I even heard him mimic the opening bars to Hindemith’s Symphony in B Flat for Concert Band (the first four notes, at least).  They are omnivores, and the male attempts to perform all kinds of birdsong, late into the evening.  The state bird of five states, where the Mockingbird resides year round, they are fearless protectors of their territory.

Mockingbird Audubon


Phillip Holmes-Operations

Phillip comes from a musical family. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in vocal performance, with a minor in operations management. He started modifying and repairing antique electronics in high school, and has learned the fundamentals of analog electronics as a result. His extensive experience in manufacturing and ISO procedures makes him an ideal partner for continuous improvement and total quality. His experience in manufacturing, as well as relationships with electrical engineers and specialty manufacturers, makes him an ideal partner for struggling upstarts looking to improve their products, marketing and sales. Phillip also has experience in exporting, packaging, shipping and receiving.

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