Update:  I no longer sell Jasmine.  If you have a phono stage you wish to have repaired or modified, please contact me.  To purchase, I suggest eBay, or Carl at www.Canadianhifi.com

Many thanks to those who’ve purchased products in the past!

Mockingbird Distribution is a dealer and service representative for Jasmine Audio.  Jasmine Audio is a value oriented company with aggressive pricing.  Their goal is to make high-end audio available to budget conscious customers throughout the world.  

Jasmine Audio is produced in the Longhua District, Shenzhen, China.  Jasmine represents the next wave of affordable Chinese produced products.  When compared to Western audio manufacturers, Most Chinese products lack originality or the type of quality we associate with watch-making.  The next wave of Chinese products will show the maturation of the industry, with novel ideas and with higher precision.   Jasmine will take the lead in affordable high-end audio by the marriage of traditional craftsmanship and Chinese efficiency.  

The latest products from Jasmine are the LP4.0 vacuum tube based phono stage and the top of the line Dragon MC phono cartridge.  Jasmine’s entry level LP2.5DU, an upgraded version of the LP2.0, gives you fantastic “bang for the buck”.  The LP2.0 went through several upgrades and it was decided the next improvement would require a different model designation, as the power supply would not be compatible.  The LP2.5DU includes dual regulated power supplies, and even higher grade parts than the last version of the LP2.0.  The new tube-based LP4.0 is the real deal:  a great sounding tube based phono stage. 

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Click here to see The Dragon

Click here to see The Dragon

Jasmine tiger MC in the box

Click here to see the Turtle and Tiger MC cartridges

Jasmine LP3.0 front

Click here to see the Jasmine LP3.0 phono stage

Jasmine Audio LP2.5DU front

Click here for the LP2.5DU phono stage




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