Jasmine’s Top Cartridge

Update:  I no longer sell Jasmine.  If you have a phono stage you wish to have repaired or modified, please contact me.  To purchase, I suggest eBay, or Carl at www.Canadianhifi.com

Many thanks to those who’ve purchased products in the past!

Jasmine Audio Dragon MC cartridge

Ready in time for RMAF 2014 is the Jasmine Audio Dragon MC Cartridge.  The Dragon features a unique coil structure, Gyger FG2 stylus tip, solid boron cantilever, porcelain body, low DC resistance, and adequate output levels.  It represents a challenge to any high end cartridge, regardless of price.  

Jasmine Audio Dragon Jasmine Audio Dragon MC


Jasmine Audio Dragon MC Cartridge
Stylus: Gyger FG2 
Cantilever: Solid Boron 
VTA: 20 degrees 
Height: 17.5mm 
Weight: 16 g 
Internal Impedance: 4 ohm (DC) 
Output Level: 0.26mv, 
Freq. response: 10-55KHz +/- 1dB 
Channel separation: >30dB @ 1KHz 
Channel balance: < or = 0.5dB 
Recommending Loading: > 20 ohm resistive, 4 ohm inductive (step-up transformer) 
Tracking force: 1.2~2.5g (1.85g recommended) 
Breaking-in period: > 50 hr. 

Retail Price: $2,800

dragon MC-box2dragon MC-box


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