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Jasmine Audio Dragon MC cartridge

Ready in time for RMAF 2014 is the Jasmine Audio Dragon MC Cartridge.  The Dragon features a unique coil structure, Gyger FG2 stylus tip, solid boron cantilever, porcelain body, low DC resistance, and adequate output levels.  It represents a challenge to any high end cartridge, regardless of price.  

Jasmine Audio Dragon Jasmine Audio Dragon MC


Jasmine Audio Dragon MC Cartridge
Stylus: Gyger FG2 
Cantilever: Solid Boron 
VTA: 20 degrees 
Height: 17.5mm 
Weight: 16 g 
Internal Impedance: 4 ohm (DC) 
Output Level: 0.26mv, 
Freq. response: 10-55KHz +/- 1dB 
Channel separation: >30dB @ 1KHz 
Channel balance: < or = 0.5dB 
Recommending Loading: > 20 ohm resistive, 4 ohm inductive (step-up transformer) 
Tracking force: 1.2~2.5g (1.85g recommended) 
Breaking-in period: > 50 hr. 

Retail Price: $2,800

dragon MC-box2dragon MC-box


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