Jasmine LP3.0 MM/MC Phono Preamplifier


Update:  I no longer sell Jasmine.  If you have a phono stage you wish to have repaired or modified, please contact me.  To purchase, I suggest eBay, or Carl at www.Canadianhifi.com

Many thanks to those who’ve purchased products in the past!


With the LP3.0, Jasmine has developed a new phono stage that fully exceeds LP2 series.  Jasmine products are professionally designed and constructed, with a solid technical foundation, doing things right, with the hope that their products can let more people enjoy the music (not just the rich).  Jasmine will continue doing its best to develop affordable products that perform at the highest possible level.  To that end, the Jasmine LP3.0 improves on previous products.

Jasmine LP3.0 front

The biggest developments of the 3.0 are these:

  • Balanced class A output circuitry to give the superior composite transfer function of complimentary devices that are always “on”;
  • Less noise when driving balanced cables and balanced inputs;
  • More maximum output level for greater headroom;
  • Twice the power supply regulation, with true dual-mono regulation after the power transformer;
  • All switching by relays (no noise, lower losses, better sound than mechanical switches);
  • Non-inductive film and copper foil output coupling capacitor;
  • Rhodium plated RCA jacks;
  • Jacks soldered directly to the board (fewer losses with less soldered connections);
  • Three inputs for ultimate flexibility (three tonearms without swapping cables);
  • More loading options;
  • Up to 75dB of gain!  As little as 45dB of gain (very handy for DJ cartridges);
  • Spacious, quiet backgrounds;
  • High resolution;
  • Wide and deep soundstage
  • $980 plus shipping, MSRP

Jasmine LP3.0 back         


InputThree Stereo RCA Pairs
OutputRCA; XLR
Gain @1KHzLow Gain Mode: MM=45dB; MC=65dB               
High Gain Mode: MM=50dB; MC=75dB
Freq. Response10Hz-60KHz
RIAA Response-0.03dB/+0.15dB (20Hz-20KHz)
Max Output Level10VAC
THD<0.01 (20Hz-20KHz)
S/NMM>90dB; MC>85dB
Input Capacitance100pF
Input ImpedanceMM=47K ohm,
MC=15/30/60/100/500/1K selectable
 Power Consumption      7 Watts
 Unit Size188x88x210mm
 Weight6 Kg
 Packing Size280x280x300mm




Jasmine LP3.0 signal

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