LP4.0 Phono Stage

Update:  I no longer sell Jasmine.  If you have a phono stage you wish to have repaired or modified, please contact me.  To purchase, I suggest eBay, or Carl at www.Canadianhifi.com

Many thanks to those who’ve purchased products in the past!

Introducing Jasmine Audio’s Vacuum Tube Powered LP4.0 Phono Stage

Jasmine Audio LP4.0 Phono Stage

The Jasmine LP4.0 represents Jasmine Audio’s first vacuum tube based phono stage.  It utilizes a very heavy external transformer, tube regulated B+, regulated filament, three sets of inputs relay-controlled by front panel switch, RCA and XLR outputs, high/low gain switch, relay-controlled loading via front panel switch, grounding lift switch, film capacitors, billet cut chassis, VU meters and first rate build quality.   Price is $2,900, which includes drop-shipping from the factory (saves an additional $40 of shipping).  Service is performed in Texas, should the need arise.

Jasmine Audio Phono Stage

The sound is very clean, with low levels of noise.  The tone is controlled by tube selection.  Gain, tone, dynamics, grain, imaging, etc.. can all be changed by selecting different tubes.

Compatible tubes (not included, but available from various sources):

  • 12AU7 and variants, especially 5963
  • 12AX7 and variants
  • 5751
  • 12AT7 and variants, especially 5965
  • 12AV7 and variants
  • 12AY7 and variants
  • 7062/180CC with caution, and in only two positions at a time due to higher heater current


  • Three RCA Inputs
  • One RCA Output
  • XLR Balanced Output
  • Three Separate Grounding Posts

Front Panel Features:

  • Front Panel Selection of Inputs, Gain, Loading
  • Three Inputs
  • MM/MC Switch
  • MC Loading Choices of 15, 30, 60, 100, 250, 500, 1K and 50K Ohms
  • VU Meters
  • Power Switch Mounted to External Transformer Unit, to Eliminate AC Radiated Hum From AC Power Switch in the Signal Unit

Internal Features:

  • Switching via Relays for Inputs, MC/MM and Loading, for Low Loss and Low Noise
  • Power Board Tubes: 6Z4, 12AT7 and 6C19
  • Signal Board: Supplied with Two 12AX7 and Two 12AU7 (other tubes available from Mockingbird for an additional charge)


  • RCA Outputs MM=45dB; MC=66dB
  • XLR Outputs MM=50dB; MC=72dB
  • S/N Ratio:  MM=85dB; MC=80dB


  • MM=47K ohm
  • MC=15,30,60,100,250,500,1K,50K ohm selectable
  • 100pF (MM/MC)

Power Consumption: 80 Watts
Weight: 16KG (Gross)
Signal Unit: 430 X 120 X 360mm (W*H*D)
Power Unit: 280 X 120 X 150mm 
Packing Size: 520 X 500 X 350mm

Jasmine LP4 phono inside

Jasmine LP4.0 bottom

Jasmine Audio LP4.0 phono rearJasmine Audio LP4.0 phono stage rear
Jasmine Audio LP4.0 phono stageJasmine LP4.0


As with the LP2.0 and LP2.5, I am able to offer modifications to the unit.  So far, I have had good success with modifying the coupling caps and improving the cathode bypass capacitor.  Also, better tubes are available.  

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