Mockingbird Audio LSX Speaker System

This model is retired.  If you found yourself here on purpose, you should move along.  These are no long available, and probably will never be produced again.  As a reviewer, buyer, hobbyist, DIY’er, musician, etc.., I found this design, and another design by Danny using a similar arrangement, were some of the finest speakers made, at any price (really, at any price).  Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the BG drivers was purchased by corporate douchebags who demanded license agreements, upfront yearly fees for the privilege of using the drivers, and a percentage of the total sales (regardless of the percentage of the total cost attributed to the use of BG drivers in the system).  No other parts or driver supplier has ever made such moronic, imbecilic demands (this is the kind of thing that goes hand-in-hand with jet engines, supercomputers, automobiles etc.., but not specialty audio).  No longer available.  Bye!




RMAF 2013, room 2024, Mockingbird Distribution and Danny Richie of GR Research presented a new work, the Mockingbird LSX speaker system.

What Pez and Tyson had to say about room 2024:

What Jason Victor Serinus said:

What Steven Stone heard:

Michael Lavorgna:

  • One of the most capable speakers ever built
  • Cost-no-object performance with real-world pricing
  • Nine custom modified BG tweeters per channel (18 total)
  • Twelve custom made high Q woofers per channel (24 total)
  • H-Frame dipole active subwoofer panels with integrated plate amplifiers
  • 3 High Q 12″ subwoofers per channel (in each H-Frame–6 total)
  • Non-square open baffle design for reduced cabinet resonance and reflections
  • Open baffle for much less weight in such a large speaker
  • Open baffle allows for easy access to passive crossover network
  • Open baffle allows for easy customization and lessens the impact of microphonics on crossover components
  • 92 db/1 watt at 1 meter efficiency
  • 87 db/1 watt at 4 meters due to the nature of a line source array
  • 7′ tall array for true line source performance, even in very large rooms
  • 8 ohms nominal impedance
  • Passive subwoofer crossover between preamp and power amp for less stress on your main amplifiers
  • Custom veneers available, from tasteful, to the extreme
  • 18 tweeters, 24 woofers, 6 subwoofers
  • Greater than 2,000 watts power handling for the tweeters (more for the mid/bass drivers)
  • Cabinets built in the United States
  • Speakers assembled in the United States

Designed by Danny Richie of GR Research

Pricing: $39,000



LSX subwoofer H-frame enclosures

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