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ORB DF-01i High-end Audio Vinyl LP Record Flattener

$1,100 in the Contiguous United States*.  


There are some LP records that are irreplaceable, and there are the ones you paid $1 for at the local used record store.  Warped records come in all price ranges, new, used, classical, rock, you name it.  Warps are a fact of life.  Either the record was pulled off the presses while still too "gooey", or they were in shrink wrap, or they were poorly stored.  

Every self-respecting vinylphile has purchased a questionable record, or "scored" a rare record with fingerprints and scratches.  Record cleaners are common and affordable, and will take care of dirty garage sale finds, and even remove the grunge from brand new records.  But what if the record is too warped to play?  Or, the record plays, but it looks like your cartridge is going to die?  Or, the odd changes in pressure and VTA are driving you crazy?  The options for flattening a record are more limited.  

You can try your oven, and risk cooking the vinyl (the Orb only heats the label and outer edge, preserving the music).  You can try a periphery ring, which doesn't always fit the record for some reason, won't work with all cartridges (Dynavector Karat, London Decca are among cartridges that rub periphery rings), and periphery clamps are cumbersome.  You can use vacuum hold-down, which complicates the hell out of a turntable, driving up the price and compromising some other aspect of the table.  Or, you can buy an automatic flattener. The Orb Vinyl LP Flattener is the answer for those of you that would rather pull the record out and play it, and aren't willing to use an oven (ovens are very poorly regulated at low temperatures, and many are filthy).


Music fans around the world love the warm and natural sound of vinyl. Unfortunately, with long term storage of vinyl records comes shape distortion that can make your old records sound far from what they should. And even a slightly warped record might still be playable, the added pressure from the stylus will damage the groove adding noise and unnecessary wear that eventually could damage the disc. This Orb DF-01i allows you to correct the warps and avoid shape distortion and wear.

The Orb Disc Flattener uses a unique heating technique which is applied with two semiconductor heater films, one on the top and one on the bottom. By thermally controlling the heating-up phase and cooling-down phase, the warped record is  allowed to properly relax and return to its original flat state.

The machine heats only the outer edge and centre of the record. The grooves are not heated and therefore their sonic shape is preserved.

The entire process takes four hours; two to heat up and two to cool down.

Orb df-01i

"The Disc Flatterner Model DF-01i was definitely one product I thought the world did not need.  Boy was I wrong on that. This is a must have unit for anyone with an extensive record collection...The machine is absolutely brilliant...At this stage, I've comfortably flattened 50+ records and no longer give it a second thought. I have NO problems with the unit and not one record" Hi-Fi+, Issue 40, www.hifiplus.com

 DF01i film


  • Heating plate highest temperature: 65 degrees celsius 
  • Power supply: 110-125V AC 50-60Hz,
  • Power consumption: max. 300W
  • Overcurrent protection: AC line (3A) 
  • Fuse protection
  • Size: 475 W x 75 H x 554 D mm
  • Weight: 17kg
  • Delivery usually from dealer stock in Texas.  If delivering from factory in Japan, the wait will be up to 10 business days.  Please inquire in advance if you have a time-critical application, or just want to know.
  • All dealer stock will be opened and inspected prior to shipping to make sure there is no shipping damage.  Shipment from Japan is via EMS, which is usually very carefully handled, but accidents do happen.

*Shipping included in the lower 48.  

Also...  Discounts are available for legitimate record stores/dealers, and for school/library usage (in other words, you have to make a living from it).

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