The Pyon Sound Facilities

I’ve always believed that manufacturers should show their operations. It personifies the company and lends credibility, especially for a relative new-comer. While Pyon Sound is new to most of us in the West, Mr Park has been hard at work for some time.



picawood milling 1picawood milling 2picawood milling 3


Obviously, Mr Park’s devotion to Picawood, a dense and very hard material, means that it must be machined as if it were a metal.  Above you can see an armtube chucked on their lathe, being center drilled to allow access for the tonearm wires, and to eliminate the necessary amount of mass for the preferred effective mass.  In the next two pictures, Picawood is being shaped.



metal machining CNC1metal machining CNC4metal machining CNC2metal machining CNC3

You can’t have tonearms and turntables without some kind of metal, and Pyon Sound is equipped to handle their needs.  In the first picture you see a CNC mill, otherwise known as a machining center, which is a fabulously versatile machine.  The next picture shows parts that have been milled, followed by other operations in the machining center. 





As you will soon see here on this website, Pyon Sound is aggressively expanding into electronics, which are vitally important to get the most out of your analog playback.  Because Mr Park wanted control over transformer winding, his facilities are equipped with proper winding equipment and skilled labor.  Shown here is a transformer being wound, the form being mounted on the winding machine’s mandrel.  The craftsman must interleave windings the same every time, must glue and solder, and check his work for accuracy and consistent quality.  Any deviation in the process is easily heard when comparing one channel to the other.  Transformer manufacturing is almost a black art, and much of the “magic” in certain transformers derives from the skills of the winder.



1-garrard 301 plinth2-garrard 301 plinth3-garrard 301 plinth4-garrard 301 plinth

Along with Pyon Sound’s normal products, Mr Park offers custom services to apply Picawood to applications, like this custom Garrard 301 plinth, carefully machined from high quality Korean Picawood.  As you can see, the Pyon Sound facilities incorporate the proper machines, personnel, and leadership, for world class sound. 


Meet Mr , owner, and creative force at Pyon Sound.  




The Korean Magpie, also known as the Pica Pica, and namesake of Picawood



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