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Of the classic consumer-grade turntables available to the modern vinylphile, only the Thorens TD124 delivers on the promises of high sound quality and flexibility.  Easily adjusted, with the unique armboard setup, the TD124 excels at virtually anything asked of it.  

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Just like a classic car, anything mechanical will need constant renewal and  maintenance.  Schopper AG of Switzerland produces resto-mod products for the TD124, that restores the deck to better-than-new specifications.  So, just as you can put a modern engine in an old car, you can upgrade many aspects of the TD124.  Schopper TD124 Parts are the same as upgrading an old vehicle with new running gear.

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I am proud to be an approved dealer for Schopper.  I offer their products at full retail, but with the added security of a local representative.  Preferably, I will install the products, lube and clean, verify proper performance, replace any worn rubber items, evaluate the performance, and return the table to you in better-than-new condition.   

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Much like the high quality direct drive motors from the ’70s and ’80s, the TD124 needs a sturdy plinth.  I can supply the standard Schopper plinths, or a generic budget replacement, but can also contract with a premiere builder, should you choose to go “all out” with rare wood veneers.  In particular, the heavy Schopper plinth seen below is an excellent value for the money, retaining the stock appearance, but being significantly more inert.  A heavier than stock plinth will absorb airborne and motor induced vibrations.  

Schopper Solid Plinth

While I recommend that you keep the stock appearance and stock paint, along the lines of keeping the original paint on an E Type, some tables are pretty sad!  I can strip the mechanicals, remove the paint, blend any deep gashes, optionally have the chassis copper-plated, then powder-coated in the color of your choice.  The whole process takes several months (shipping to and from, stripping, photographs, sending out to plating, sending out to powder-coating, picking colors, etc..).  Powder coating actually improves the performance of any classic table.  The powder used in powder-coating, is a fine plastic, that is electrostatically attached to the substrate, then baked on.  The plastic then dampens the chassis, improving performance.  Further, powder-coating gives a much more durable finish.  I will not use automotive paint.  It is fragile, surface prep is difficult and there are too many headaches with “orange-peel”, dirt/debris, etc.., that even a top quality operation will still have trouble controlling.  It doesn’t matter what the temperature or humidity is when you powder coat, but it does when you paint.  

copper plated TD124 chassisstripped td124powder coated TD124 chassis

If your TD124 is playing well, and you are happy with the performance, why mess with it?  If you have replaced the rubber bits yourself, and the machine holds speed, it is usually safest to keep using it as-is until there is a legitimate problem.  However, if the sound doesn’t meet your criteria, or performance is erratic, the TD124 can be brought nearly to the level of the finest machines currently produced.  With Schopper TD124 parts, a new plinth, a new paint job, new arm (or arms), new cartridges, etc…, you will have a near state-of-the-art machine that holds its resale value, takes pride-of-place in your system, and most importantly, gives you hours of musical bliss with every type of record every produced.

Package Deals

Schopper TD124 full restoration

As a dealer and importer, I have access to multiple lines.  If you want a completely restored table, using the Schopper TD124 parts, along with multiple armboards, multiple arms, and multiple cartridges, I can oblige.  The natural “match” for the TD124, aesthetically, will be the GrooveMaster II.  However, the arms from Ortofon and Abis/Sorane will give you great value and similar performance.  

transparant-1-shadow kopieOrtofon TA-210

I will be adding prices in the coming days.  There are so many possible combinations, that it will still require some consultation.  However, in general, I can offer 20% off tonearms and cartridges on package deals.

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