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I am pleased to announce that Mockingbird is now an authorized Soundsmith dealer for North Texas. This is for in home delivery and set-up, and NOT for mail order (don’t even ask, please)*. I had requests for different styles of cartridges, and while I love my Jasmine moving coils, which are fantastic with the right arm and loading, some arms require high compliance or low mass cartridges to operate properly.  Just from the selections here at Mockingbird, it is apparent that tonearms come in every size and shape, and no particular kind of cartridge will suit every arm, or even the tastes of the listener.  Likewise, some phono stages need high output cartridges.  Unlike a lot of people in this industry, I’ll tell people to keep something if they really like it.  I’m here to sell to your need, not mine.  If you like your CJ5 preamp, and want a high output moving iron mounted on an Abis tonearm, that’s what I’ll sell you, and that’s why I needed SoundSmith as a partner.

When I was exposed to the Sussurro, while reviewing equipment at, I was amazed at its ability to sound warm, or perhaps natural is a better word, yet retrieve the same amount of detail as a moving coil.  For some listeners, the sound is too romantic.  But as a trained musician and concert goer, I can tell you, definitively, that its tonal balance is neutral.  

Besides the great cartridges from SoundSmith, Peter Ledermann is a great human being.  I can say with absolute clarity that there are people in this industry that should be avoided.  I hope that doesn’t surprise you.  Audio isn’t immune from shady characters, liars, cheats, snake-oil salesmen, and self-appointed gurus.  Where money changes hands, jerks are sure to follow.  Caveat Emptor, ladies and gentlemen.  On the other hand, however bad the most asinine, self-appointed expert is, Peter is his/her opposite.  

If you want to buy American, which is a laudable goal, Peter’s cartridges are definitely the best in their class.  

I will be adding product information in the coming days.  Until I’ve had a chance to finish building out the pages, you can go direct to Peter’s website.


Hyperion OCL

*I really mean this.  If you want to buy mail-order, order directly from Peter’s website.  Please don’t ask me for cut-rate mail-order pricing.  Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.