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Magnesium Shielded Power Cables

Magnesium is singular in offering an outstanding combination of vibration absorption, mechanical rigidity and electromagnetic shielding.  The properties of magnesium have been proven over the years, through use in aerospace, auto racing, and for audio in headshells and tonearms.  TiGLON takes this material full circle by applications in cable shielding and damping, and through its highly advanced application to audio equipment racks.  TiGLON has developed a magnesium foil having excellent audio characteristics:  An ideal shielding layer which dampens external vibration and blocks external EMI/RFI radiation.  TiGLON power cables are an ideal application for this technology as it blocks the emmission of magnetic fields that couple to interconnects and equipment, ruining the signal-to-noise ratio of the system.

High Grade Magnesium Shielded Power Cable MGL-A1

The MGL-A1 is the highest grade of Tiglon magnesium shielded power cables.  The shielding is state of the art, simlar to the Next-Generation 100M magnesium shield.  The extra-fine 0.18mm OFC conductors are bundled and handled with the same degree of care as TiGLON interconnects.  A three-layer shielding system, comprised of magnesium tape, stranded copper, and an additional layer of magnesium ribbon.  This level of shielding offers unprecedented low levels of radiated EMI.  The patented “Magnetic Shield” technology is fully realized in this highest grade power cable.  The three conductors are each made of 400 ultra-fine soft annealed copper wires, and are terminated with Oyaide plugs.  The jacket is a special flame-retardant PVC chosen for its toughness and superior sound.  Enjoy the natural sound stage, dimensionality and better signal-to-noise ratio.  You will be able to relax and enjoy your system like never before.


Standard Magnesium Shielded Power Cable MS-12A

The MS-12A is a three-conductor core, double-shielded cable, with Magnesium Shield technology.  Stranded ultra-fine, soft-annealed, copper wires are used.  The MS-12A is terminated with a Schurter IEC plug, and a Meiko wall-plug.  Tiglon power cables feature excellent signal to noise ratio and high resolution.


Power Cable  
MS-12A (1.2m)AC Power Cable 1.2m$375
MS-12A (1.8m)AC Power Cable 1.8m$450
MGL-A1AC power cable 1.2m$975
MGL-A1AC power cable 1.8m$1,100
MS-12A (Schuko) (1.2m)AC Power Cable 1.2m$450
MS-12A (Schuko) (1.8m)AC Power Cable 1.8m$550
MGL-A1  (Schuko) (1.2m)AC Power Cable 1.2m$1,075
MGL-A1  (Schuko) (1.8m)AC Power Cable 1.8m$1,200


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