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Magnesium Shielded Speaker Cables

Magnesium is singular in offering an outstanding combination of vibration absorption, mechanical rigidity and electromagnetic shielding.  The properties of magnesium have been proven over the years, through use in aerospace, auto racing, and for audio in headshells and tonearms.  TiGLON takes this material full circle by applications in cable shielding and damping, and through its highly advanced application to audio equipment racks.  TiGLON has developed a magnesium foil having excellent audio characteristics:  An ideal shielding layer that dampens external vibration and blocks external EMI/RFI radiation.  TiGLON speaker cables are an ideal application for this technology as it helps counteract the microphonics of normal twisted cables, preventing microphonic noise from being sent to the speakers, and the amplifier.  Amps with overall loop feedback will be cleaner sounding due to the purer feedback signal.

Magnesium Shielded Speaker Cable TCS-2.5S  and TCS-2.5W


The TCS-2.5 uses magnesium shielding technology, with a conductor comprising a total of 800 fine copper wires per channel, made of extra-fine copper wire of 0.08mm diameter.  Each phase of the cable is isolated from each other by individual magnesium shields, spirally wound around the conductors.  This increase the signal-to-noise ratio and resolution.  These Tiglon speaker cables can be terminated with Furutech rhodium-plated spade connectors, or with banana plugs. The TCS series is the flagship magnesium speaker cable, and is built-to-order, allowing the listener to freely choose the termination and length, as well as single-wired, or bi-wired.  Extra lengths are available in additional 0.6M increments.

Magnesium Shielded Speaker Cable MGL-SP1 

The MGL-SP1 is high quality speaker cable with improved resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, based on the standard model MS-12SP. The magnesium shield was changed to the next-generation “100M magnesium shield”.  For best sound, a special fire rated PVC jacket is used, which has proven itself to be superior sounding to normally rated PVC material, while also being more durable.  The MGL-SP1 is cut-to-length, and does not come with spades or bananas.  Rather it is supplied raw, normally with the ends “tinned” with solder to prevent unraveling.  

Magnesium Shielded Speaker Cable Lionesses SP 

The Lionesses SP entry-level speaker cable uses magnesium shielding technology.  Though it is the lowest priced model of Tiglon speaker cables, it maintains the family characteristics of the other cables in the line. The origin of the LIONESSES name is from the anagram of “Noiseless”.  Lionesses faithfully reproduces natural sound with overwhelming tranquility.  The vinyl insulation is a special high-heat resistant material that can cope with the harsh demands for car stereos, home theater installation, recording studios, etc.., as well as home audio.  The conductor is extra-fine OFC.  With its affordable price, and an almighty vinyl jacket, this cable will be your work-horse for heavy-duty applications.  

Magnesium Shielded Speaker Cable MS-12SP II

The MS-12SPII uses ultra-fine soft copper stranded conductors, and next-generation “100M magnesium shielding”, to produce a higher resolution version of the MS-12SP.  The best qualities of the MS-12SP are kept, while this new version further improves the signal-to-noise ratio.  The goal of the MS-12SPII is better sense of of air (space or ambiance) and better sound-staging.  Soft, super-flexible PVC is used for the external jacket, the softness and flexibility helping the magnesium shield to further damp vibrations.

Magnesium Shielded Speaker Cable MS-12SP-Limited Edition

This is a limited edition model that further improves resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, based on the standard model MS-12SP. The main improvement is the change to a new generation of magnesium shielding.  For best sound quality, the jacket has been changed to the high-heat special PVC.

Speaker Cable  
MGL-SP1   (1.5m Pair)Speaker Cable$300
MGL-SP1  ( 2.5m Pair)Speaker Cable$525
MGL-SP1   (3.5m Pair)Speaker Cable$725
MGL-SP1   (50m)Speaker Cable  1roll$4,500
Lionesses-SP (1m)Speaker Cable$18
Lionesses-SP (100m)Speaker Cable  1roll$1,350
MS-12SPⅡ-K (1m)Speaker Cable$66
MS-12SPⅡ-R(50m)Speaker Cable 1roll$2,850
TCS-2.5S  (2.5m Pair)Speaker Cable 2.5m$2,125
TCS-2.5S  (2.5m Pair)(W-wire)

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