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Tiglon speaker stands use various combinations of magnesium, manganese, iron, aluminum and sand for strength and minimal vibration.

The MGT Series uses a combination of magnesium, manganese, iron and aluminum, along with very fine sand, to create a neutral character which constantly remains below the noise floor of your system. The extruded magnesium tubes are alloyed with manganese to make it tougher and stronger.  They are covered with ridges to break up standing waves and reflected sound. The tubes are then filled with ultra-fine sand to further dampen vibrations. The top and bottom plates are made with steel, alloyed with aluminum. The final result is a speaker stand that is self-damped, but also with a distributed signature. All solids have a resonance frequency. By blending materials in the MGT Series, Tiglon speaker stands are able to function with no discernible sound of their own to interrupt your musical enjoyment.

TiGlon MGT-70 speaker stand


The TIS Series of speaker stands uses two complex magnesium extrusions which are filled with ultra-fine sand. The tubes are extremely rigid for their size. The very small cross section of the magnesium tubes make this stand ideal when smaller/lighter speakers are available.


TiGlon TIS70J speaker stand

The PA Series of stands are magnesium pedestals for large speakers, subwoofers or heavy electronics. They are further damped by inclusion of ultra-fine sand.


Tiglon PA-30L speaker base

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MGT-50W $1,550
MGT-60S $1,100
MGT-60W $1,550
MGT-70S $1,150
MGT-70W $1,600
MGT-3/5A   LS 3/5a   $1,200
MGT-805Wmk2   B&W 805   $1,750
TIS-60 $725
TIS-60J $775
TIS-70 $750
TIS-70J $800
PA-7L $650
PA-13L $675
PA-20L $700
PA-30L $825


By Phillip Holmes



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